Giju John - "The Cycle Beat"

Featuring Rebecca Dharmapalan, Jaz and Mixman Shawn 

Director: Tony Welch
The San Francisco Bay Area’s 18th Annual Bike to Work Day’s video is being broadcast to 2M+ Twitter Followers. Produced by award-winning Beyond Pix and Emmy award winning director, Tony Welch, the video is aimed at spreading the word about bicycling in the Bay and will encourage more riders to participate in the annual Bike to Work Day which attracts hundreds of thousands of riders annually and will be held on May 10, 2012. This promotional piece is a three minute music video called ‘The Cycle Beat’ which blends a soft pop song with rap.
‘The Cycle Beat’ was created as a part of the San Francisco Bay Area's annual Bike to Work Day which involves all nine Bay Area counties and is part of National Bike Month. Bike to Work Day couldn’t happen without the generous support of our sponsors. Bike to Work 2012 is presented by, Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Kaiser Permanente with generous additional support by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Chipotle, Clif Bars, Beyond Pix, REI, TypeKit, Adobe, BikeMS and the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.
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Director Tony Welch
Executive Producers Ray Santiago & Diana Rohini LaVigne
Editor Tony Welch
Producer Danielle Cheifetz
Director of Photography Sean Karlin
Gaffer Patrick Wong
Grip Ian Micklewright
Camera Operator Jeremy Widen
Camera Operator Robert Fitzgerald
Production Assistants Laura Hart &

 Ragini Momi

Media Manager Woody Griffin
Main Artist Giju John 
DJ Mixman Shawn
Singer Rebecca Dharmapalan
Rapper Jaz Mueller
Special Guest Appearance Veronica Belmont
Bike Sales Rep Andrew Chagaris
Bike Shopper Chris Baty
Helmet Shopper Darya Pino
Businessman Rider Evan Bailyn
Cycling Champ Faye Steiner
Group Bicyclist Joseph Steinberger
Trick Rider Joh Rathbun
Trick Rider Jorge Luzuriage
Bike Demo Specialist John-Paul Rutledge
Bike Shopper Ladiie V
Bike Shopper Maggie Mason
Trick Rider Michael J. Henry
Trick Rider Nick Chiaverini
Bike Rickshaw Rider Paulo Serna
Group Bicyclist Patricia Benson
Group Bicyclist Robert Prinz
Bike Shopper Ragini Momi
Bike Shopper Sheetal Doshi
Bike Sales Rep Sam Salzeider
Bike Sales Rep Tommy Nguyen
Group Bicyclist Tammy Camp
Recording Artist Giju John 
Music Producer Mixman Shawn 
Vocals Rebecca Dharmapalan 
Rap Artist Jaz
Mastering Kosta Cross
Lyrics Diana Rohini LaVigne
Rap Lyrics Jaz
Studio Courtesy of The Diamond Lane Records
Casting Diana Rohini LaVigne
Casting Assistants
Mai Le
Kim Baenisch
JP Rutledge
Ken Nishimura 
Bill Brier
Fel Phillip
Mike’s Bikes of San Francisco
Crocker Amazon Park
Golden Gate Park
Marina Green Park
Special Thank you
Andrew Casteel
Agi Wojciechowska
AJ Singh
Davin Pukulis
Erin Hagstrom
Heather Gold
Hamsa Ramesha
Jacqueline Dharmapalan
Kristen Nolan
Loic Le Meur
Lexi Baugher
Mark Headley 
Noah Kravitz
Pete Brandt
Raj Mathai
Vikramaditya Gupta
Diamond Lane Records
Fremont Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)
Golden Gate Pedicab
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
North Bay BMX (Napa)
No bicycles were harmed in the making of this video.