Sangamo Cyclers

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Brought together by science, we are now doing our part in reducing carbon emissions. The team: a gimpy leader with a 20-year old bike; a fanatic who can put together a bike from scratch; a southerner who swears by "paniners" and broccoli; an animal-lover adding gender diversity to the team; and a klutz who ran into the sidewalk the other day. With bonds forged through the fire of camaraderie, we are tasked with the Team Bike Challenge. From pushing the boundaries of science to pushing our bodies to the limit, we will homologously recombine our efforts to save the planet, <insert another corny science pun here>, and look good doing it. Incident Report: 5/6 - Stephen (flat), 5/7 - Kyle (flat), 5/12 - Kyle (flat), 5/16 - Joe (flat), 5/21 - Stephen (flat), 5/22 - Kevin (flat), 5/23 - Kevin (4[!] flats, dented rim)
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