Gamma Rollers

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We all work at Sterigenics in Hayward. We have a small facility with 15 employees where we have grown bike to work participation to 8 employees, over half. We sterilize medical devices with Gamma Radiation, thus the Gamma Rollers. If you are wondering about our mileage a couple of us started off Bike to Work month with a bike vacation rather than a car vacation. Yes we are going for most miles. We also have some nice long bike commutes Alex - Suasilito to Hayward Paul - San Francisco to Hayward Daniel - Oakland to Hayward Eric - Oakland to Hayward Yohta - Oakland to Hayward To help facilitate biking and exercising to and at work we put in a locker room here. We repurposed a breakroom by putting in a bank of lockers and a bench, then bought a shower from We put some bike hangers on the wall and towel racks and we've been biking to work ever since.
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