Rider Courtesy

So this post is more of a gripe and recommendation to my fellow riders. Since riding everyday for the team bike challenge, yesterday on my commute home, I experienced my first flat.

I was just dissapointed that there must have been atleast 5 riders (all riding road or hybrid bikes) who rode by who never bothered to even ask if I had everything I needed.

The only person to ask, was a commuter riding a mountain bike.

Fortunately, I do carry everything I need to change out a flat and break a chain if needed (including second spare tube).

I'm also a mountain biker, and this is common courtesy when you see a rider out on trail with an issue to check and make sure a rider is okay and has what they need.

I don't know if it's because I'm riding a fixie for this challenge that changes the way people look at you, I hope not. But then again, last year when I was riding my road bike, same result, roadies and commuters rarely ask a fellow rider when they are stopped with a bike upside down.

So I'm writting this post to have you think about your fellow riders - who knows, maybe when you have a double flat or forgot your pump, someone will stop for you.