Points: Working Correctly?

According to the rules, the points assigned for the rides I did yesterday and today do not seem to be correct.

I consider myself closest to the definition of Weekend Warrior so I should get 2 points daily for a qualified ride. I did receive 2 points upon entering my first ride yesterday. Then, by the addition of a second ride bringing my total to 15 miles in a day, I should have rec'd an additional point (3 points total for April 1, right?). But I was assigned only 2 pts yesterday. I did a ride today and only rec'd 1 point today for my ride. This same situation occurred for my husband who rode the same rides with me and is a Weekend Warrior as well.

This is not a huge deal...perhaps the "bugs" are still being worked out? I'd like to know that all systems are go for the Team Bike Challenge month as we are working at getting a team together.

Thank you for the help. I look forward to getting some feedback. The website is great...have really enjoyed being able to log rides in all year! ~~Carole~~