Medal Text

It's a small nit, but I was showing the medal system to a coworker yesterday and realized that some of the medal text is slightly confusing.

For instance, the Well Rounded medal's Goal text specifies commute, shopping, and social trip types, but I'm fairly sure a trio of any of the categories get the medal (which the normal text is clearer for, but seems to contradict the Goal text). Also, the Super Commuter Goal text says you record at least one bike trip for 20 days in May, but I'm pretty sure they have to be commute trips rather than any old trip type, right?

You've really done a great job with the site and I think those of us who rode last year when the medals were introduced have sorted out how they all work by now, I just worry the Novices may get a little confused and possibly feel cheated about the ones tied to points.