You guys gotta start earlier

So, a few months ago my car died and I got a bike, and I've been working to slowly transition from bike + BART to bike commuting the whole 10 miles (each way) to work. I just started making the full commute attempt last week, and the point of this background is that I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT BIKE TO WORK DAY. It's right on the timing when I'm really starting to become a bike commuter and I'm really excited and proud of myself. I really want to participate in the events and take advantage of the Energizer Stations...

But alas! All of the Energizer Stations I can see on the map start at 7:00. I have to be at work by 7:00, and my bike commute takes me the hour of 6am to 7am. I was excited to see that there were so many Stations on or near my route. However, I am very sad that none of them were open early enough for me to take advantage of and disappointed that I can't participate in this part of the event because my work schedule is just a bit earlier than most.

I'd love to see at least a limited number of Stations opening at 6:00am, for us unfortunate souls that are forced to be out that early. Maybe next year? I figured I'd comment just in case you just didn't think there'd be anyone out there that early. There are!