Selecting a Bike

Bike to Work Day 2008Do I need to replace my old bike?
If you have a bike that still fits you, but that you haven't ridden in a while, getting it tuned up and running is the cheapest way to get a bike for your commute. Bike tune-ups usually cost less than $50 and will have your bike running like new.

Should I Buy a New or Used Bike?
If you don't have a bike, buying a used bike is usually the least expensive option. Craigslist usually has a good selection of used bikes for sale. You should bring your used bike to a bike shop to ensure everything is in safe working condition. Some bike shops do sell used bikes, call ahead to make sure. If you do want a new bike, a good bike shop can help you find the right bike for your needs and help you keep it in good working order. 

What Type of Bike Should I Buy?
It all depends on your needs for your commute. Visit's page with some great suggestions for choosing a bike.