SCORING: two "one-way" tips != one "round-trip"

Scoring is way, WAY off if you record your commute as two separate one-way commutes. After deleting my two 31 miles one-way commutes and adding a single 31 mile "round trip" commute, voila Cheese Wheel medal. (it tastes pretty sweet, BTW)

I also lost my (yet) unearned "bike to work week" medal. Not sure what that was about, maybe my rides spanned 5 days in the GMT time zone? (6pm PDT is already tomorrow GMT time!)

After collapsing all my 2x one-way trips into 1x round-trips the points are close (off by +1) from what I calculate my score to actually be.

While I was deleting and adding (in that order), at one point my score was 9 points higher than it should have been, and that was without the 10 point cheese wheel medal. Weird.

I suggest everyone keep score at home....

Actual score = 57 (reported score 58)