iBikeChallenge Monthly Leaderboards Are Now Posted

Check out the June Leaderboard for iBikeChallenge where you can compete with bike commuters all over the San Francisco Bay Area to record the most bicycle trips and miles year round. Here’s how it works:

1. If you aren’t already signed up on our site, go to: http://www.youcanbikethere.com/user/register

2. Record your bike trips on our website, by clicking on “Create a New Ride” or by downloading our iBikeChallenge iPhone App and recording your rides using your phone’s GPS.

3. Every day you take a bike trip is worth 1 point.

4. Total daily mileage is worth the following points:
- 1 point – 0 to 4 miles
- 2 points – 5 to 14 miles
- 3 points – 15 to 29 miles
- 4 points – 30+ miles

5. Each month we’ll have a new leaderboard for that month so you can compete to be the top commuter each month.  Check out the June Leaderboard.

6. We’ll also maintain an overall individual leaderboard showing the total points that each person has accumulated so you can track your total points.