Errors in automated point tallying?

I am a novice rider. Before creating a new ride today I had 33 points and 46 miles. I created a new ride today and I commuted 14 miles round trip. If I understand the points system correctly, I should have received 3 'daily trip' points as a novice, 2 'daily mileage' points for 14 miles, and 4 '50 mile' medal points for surpassing 50 miles, all totaling 9 points. But, after I submitted the trip I only received 6 points, for a total of 39! The mileage correctly jumped to 60. I am assuming the missing three points are from not getting the 3 'daily trip' points. Because of the way the website is set up it is impossible to track how many points someone has earned each relies on trusting the automated point tally, which didn't seem to work in this case. It would be nice to track your progress and be able to compare one day to the next. It also would be nice to have on the leaderboard the actual rankings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.....which I thought was the function of a leaderboard.