energizer stations / tote bag

Hi fellow riders! I heard about this awesome event on KQED earlier this week and had to participate, but I was not aware of the organization behind the event until tonight. Anyway I was running late this morning and had a 10-mile commute ahead of me so when I saw this group of bikers gathering in front of Milpitas city hall, I thought nothing of it. But now I see that was an energizer station and I missed out on a free Bike To Work Day tote bag! :( So bummed... Do you guys have any more of these lying around? I'd like to hang one in my cube at work since I was the only person there who participated and my pansy coworker who said he would ended up not. I live right by the city hall and would be willing to bike the distance to pick one up. Either way, great concept and props to the volunteers and organizers for doing it!

- Rich