Asymmetric round trips -- how to log?

I am trying to figure out how to log my ride today:
I rode 1 mile to Cal Train this morning.
CalTrain to MV, Shuttle to work.
Return trip Shuttle to MV CalTrain
Trains weren't running
Road 14.6 miles home.

I had entered the 1 mile round trip while at work
before I discovered the trains weren't running home.
I just entered the difference as a 13 mile 1-way.
But I don't see a record of the earlier entry.
Can you only have one entry per day?
Should I show this as a 15 mile one way (or an 8 mile round trip)?

I'm not to clear on how the data is being tracked so I am just looking to do whatever is reasonable
(and get whatever points my team is entitled to ;-)).