Energizer Stations

For 2015's Bike to Work Day on May 14th, over 400 Energizer Stations will be located along local bike commute routes in all nine Bay Area counties to provide free beverages, snacks, and good cheer to bicyclists. Use the links (below) for maps of Energizer Stations to plan your Bike to Work Day commute in 2015.

See you in the bike lane!

Interactive Energizer Station Maps



Map Legend

= Morning Station

= Evening Station

= Morning and Evening Station



Want to Host an Energizer Station in 2015?

If you are interested in hosting an Energizer Station please contact your county lead.

2015 Prizes

You can win these prizes by registering here and pledging to ride your bike to work or on errands on Bike to Work Day -- May 14, 2015.


Grand Prize

Choose your bike from one of two fantastic models!

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The Public C7

Whether it's a daily commute to work or a weekend trip to the farmers market, the PUBLIC C7 will take you anywhere you desire to go in comfort and style. Like all PUBLIC Bikes, the PUBLIC C7 is built around a high quality "smooth as butter" steel frame and includes painted-to-match rims, chain guard and fenders, color coordinated cables, and high quality memory foam comfort saddle.

What makes the C7 PUBLIC’s best Dutch commuter bike is the easy-shifting Shimano Nexus 7-speed, internally-geared rear hub. This robust, durable and low maintenance shifting system makes changing gears a breeze, and allows the rider to select the ideal gear whether pedaling or at a full stop. This is particularly helpful when riding around town where stoplights and stop signs necessitate frequent shifting. In addition to the upgraded and simplified drivetrain, the PUBLIC C7 has strong, doubl-walled, alloy rims, which will provide years of trouble free service, even over the roughest pavement.

This Dutch commuter bike style has been popular with women and men in Europe for decades, in part because it's easy to get on and off in pants and dresses alike. Like all PUBLIC bikes, the C7 includes front and rear rack mounts, making it easy to add a rack and carry items with a pannier or basket.

The Public V7 

Comfortable for a demanding daily commute or a casual spin in the park, the PUBLIC V7 is constructed of high quality, durable and smooth-as-butter steel frame. Upright handlebars and relaxed frame geometry provide a comfortable riding position for riders of all experience levels.

The PUBLIC V7 has easy-shifting, seven-speed drivetrain has a wide enough range of gears to take you virtually anywhere and back, even up and down the toughest hills of San Francisco. It shares the high quality component selection of the C7, but with a more traditional diamond frame shape. This classic geometry has a slightly sloping top tube to provide more stand-over clearance between the rider and the bike.

It comes fully appointed with fenders, chain guard and kickstand to make for pleasant and clean trips about town, without rolling up your pants leg. Modern alloy rims and dual pivot alloy brake calipers are also standard and provide safe, reliable braking rain or shine.

Additionally, the PUBLIC V7 features matching painted rims, color coordinated cable housing, cream tires, and high quality grips and saddle. It includes front and rear rack mounts making it easy to add a rack and carry items with a pannier or basket.

Second Prize


C:\Users\Hallie\Documents\Clients\Active Clients\BABC\BTWD 2015\Implementation\Monkeylight.jpg

Monkey lights for your night riding!

Made in California, the Monkey Light was developed to make riding at night just as fun as the day.  The first thing you notice when you ride around town with a Monkey Light is how many smiles you get.  Just remember to smile back!

The Monkey Light isn’t just a fun, practical bike light. It’s also a cutting edge digital art platform featuring generative and parameterizing techniques.  Each Monkey Light product includes a curated set of graphics featuring contributions from several artists. Monkey Light graphics are unique, fun and creative and you won’t get bored of them!

The moment you pick up a Monkey Light you know you are holding something special. It’s solid rubber construction was developed to meet the demands of year-round use on city streets.  It resists cracking, scratching, clouding, water and dirt better than any type of hard shell plastic.  It’s also thinner and lighter and will last years longer.