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16th Annual Bike to Work Day

Andrew Casteel —

About 36,000 Bay Area residents consistently use a bicycle as their primary form of transportation to and from work... are you one of them?

The 16th Annual Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 13th! 200 energizer stations located throughout San Mateo County. Prizes available for "Let's Roll San Mateo" and Team Bike Challenge programs. read more

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Can I haz Cheese Wheel ?

Dear Admins,

I logged 62 miles of commuting today. Yet no "Cheese Wheel Medal" Please help!

I understand the growing pains for the site re-design. Keep at it! The new point system is inspired. It definitely ups the stakes for us more seasoned bikers and commuters.


Asymmetric round trips -- how to log?

I am trying to figure out how to log my ride today:
I rode 1 mile to Cal Train this morning.
CalTrain to MV, Shuttle to work.
Return trip Shuttle to MV CalTrain
Trains weren't running
Road 14.6 miles home.

I had entered the 1 mile round trip while at work
before I discovered the trains weren't running home.
I just entered the difference as a 13 mile 1-way.
But I don't see a record of the earlier entry.
Can you only have one entry per day?
Should I show this as a 15 mile one way (or an 8 mile round trip)?

I'm not to clear on how the data is being tracked so I am just looking to do whatever is reasonable
(and get whatever points my team is entitled to ;-)).



Free agent for a Bike Team.

I'm looking to join a team for this challenge, I bike to work every day, rain or shine..but not when it's too windy! I'm also trying to look at how this "team" works. Any info regarding the bicycle team and to add me as a member of your team is wanted.