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It’s Bike To Work Day 2010 in San Francisco, a city where people take their biking seriously. As famous as San Francisco is for its bicycle-friendly attitude, transportation planning for the city remains a highly contested issue. Bicyclists always want more bike lanes, while the opposition will go to court to prevent painting new “sharrows” on the streets. For city policymakers, proving things like the demand for new bike routes is not as simple as it sounds, which is where mobile location-based technology comes in handy.

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Rock out on your bike – literally. Come to the Cal Academy of Sciences Thursday, May 13, 2010, and learn about the science of cycling. Take a turn pedaling the power into Nightlife’s bike-powered blenders: Fender Blender Bike Blenders. Rev-up the DJ station at the Academy’s bike-powered DJ stage: the Biker Bar. Watch musical guest, Fossil Fool, rock a mic while he rides his bike! He is the inventor and producer of the Soul Cycle, an on-board audio system for bikes. Finish off the night with a spectacle of bike-powered art. Finally, you can take a breather -- this part of the evening doesn’t require any spinning of pedals to function! 6 – 10 PM Thursday May 13, 2010, The California Academy of Sciences, East Pavilion, 55 Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park

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not to be nit-picky...

but say someone did a bike ride and you happened to share a beer with a friend on ocean beach after riding from SOMA. does that count as a social ride?

where is the line drawn between whether a ride is a social ride or a ride for exercise?

i saw an earlier post that a benefit rides doesn't count but what if you rode 20 miles one day in practice for a benefit ride, that happened to have a social lunch destination at the end with friends?

i would consider it a social ride if it i was going to lunch with friends and replaced my car drive with a bike ride.

maybe i'm being a little nit-picky, maybe some people think consider a "social" ride, riding the scenic route for 3.5 hours to have lunch with friends. do some people interpret it that way??

Join us on Bike to Work Day!

Andrew Casteel —

You will be joining DPW Director Ed Reiskin and other DPW staff when you Bike to Work on May13th!

DPW and the San Francisco Bike Coalition are partners on several initiatives, including the Good Roads Campaign and the Turn Em In Campaign where SFBC members mark and report potholes and DPW responds. When you Bike to Work on May 13th, let us know if you see any potholes and we will respond right away. You will be helping us keep our streets safe!

For more information about how to get involved and prepare, visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Bike to Work Day Events Page.

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