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Bike to Work Day Photo Shoot Cast & Crew (Photo by Som Sharma)
Diana Rohini LaVigne —

Anyone Can Participate in Bike to Work Day on May 12, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area’s 17th Annual Bike to Work Day, which will be held on May 12, 2011, aims to motivate non-bike riders and those already cycling to get involved. With bike riding’s many advantages like healthier living, reducing one’s footprint, and an affordable transportation alternative, Bike to Work Day is headed for a significant increase in participation in 2011. Biking to work is a great way to fulfill the requirement of 30+ minutes of physical activity per day needed to stay healthy.

Bike to Work events, presented by and Kaiser Permanente, will take place throughout the month including a Team Bike Challenge and Bike Commuter of the Year Awards. Additionally, local employers are urged to help encourage bike riding as more physically active employees are more alert, healthy and more productive.

“Bike riding benefits not only Bay Area residents’ health but the environment as well,” says Diana Rohini LaVigne, regional producer for Bike to Work Day. “Unfortunately, bike riding comes with misperceptions from what you must wear to being fit before even starting. But biking is for everyone. You don’t need special clothing, you don’t need special equipment, and you don’t need to already be in shape to take up biking. All you need to do is find your motivation and jump on.”

This year’s message is to find your inner motivation and reason to ride a bike and to go for it. It could be anything from reducing stress, losing weight, helping diminish global warming, or having bragging rights at the water cooler on the most distance traveled on a bike. Bike riders come in all different shapes and sizes, and no one should feel limited by their size, attire, equipment or speed. Bike riding is an equalizer and all are accepted. There are activities in all nine counties; Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Website suggestions!

Hey guys, I know you've filtered through many comments and issues already with this website. I have a few more suggestions for some tweeking that hopefully would improve some of the usability. We have appreciated noticing that things keep changing a bit, glad to know someone out there is on top of things!

1) We have three team members that use the same computer. It would be helpful if in the Team Bike Challenge Menu in the upper right could display the Rider who is currently logged in and/or maybe their picture.

2) Points - can the system be tweeked so that School trips are counted toward the commute medals? Some people are only commute to school. Perhaps this category is redundant and just needs to be combined in the future.

3) It would be better/more fair if the mileage were rounded to half or quarter miles rather than whole miles. We do a 2.5 mile round trip commute, which is only 5 miles, but based on this we get 6 mileage credits. It seems a bit extreme to round such a large distance. Also many people have bike odometer so we can enter fairly exact numbers. Does the iPhone App round up or keep more accurate details?

4) Also, perhaps next year one could log their miles by entering an address or tracing a route on a google map and have that link into the system. It would be great to see at the end a track of everywhere I've gone.

5) It would also be great to be able to store standard trips like r/t commute, so one could just click on it and enter it daily.

Thanks for all the work and any changes that can be implemented this year!

Bike to Work Day

Andrew Casteel —

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 13th! There will be "energizer" stations throughout the county.

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Bike to work

Andrew Casteel —

Thursday, May 13, is Bike to Work Day, and we encourage workers and employers to forge a bond to make it a success.

All throughout this month, employers can show support for their biking staffers and gain some positive PR by taking part in a team bike challenge. Companies and agencies that help put together a team of workers to get some great exercise, keep cars off the pavement and enjoy the beauty of Napa County in springtime can gain recognition and prizes. The challenge lasts throughout the end of May. Organizers are encouraged to visit the website of the Napa County Bike Coalition,, or for more info.

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'Bike to Work Day' is Thursday

Andrew Casteel —

Nine Napa County locations have been established as “Energizer Stations” for the Thursday, May 13 “Bike to Work Day.” May 13 is the Bay Area’s 16th annual “Bike to Work Day,” when an estimated 150,000 commuters are expected to ride to work or school. Five of those locations are in Napa, one in American Canyon, one in Yountville and two are Upvalley: the Calistoga City Hall and St. Helena Cyclery, both which will provide refreshments from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. for bike commuters.

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