Alameda County

Please make this site easier to use.

Every person in the office has had trouble figuring out how to log their hours.

Some ideas......

Change "Create a riding log" to "Log Your Mileage" or something easier to identify, which takes you to a team page where you can view your mileage subtotals, team totals.....etc....

Also finding your team is a challenge as they are not listed alphabetically. I finally did a "search" and that worked.

$1 shuttle over Bay Bridge

for anyone who may not know, caltrans runs a shuttle across the bay bridge during commuter hours for a mere one dollar! i just discovered this well-kept secret last week and it is definitely worth sharing. if you need an alternative to bart to get a bike over the bridge, check this out: (scroll to the bottom for shuttle details)

this shuttle rules... thank me later ;)

My team is spending too much time on this awkward web site

Need to streamline data entry process so we can be biking or working not web surfing. Nobody here can figure out how to record a day's rides. This is taking time away from our work day.

Cannot login to iPhone app using BTW username/password

Downloaded the iPhone app last night and was able to connect it to Facebook, but not login using my BTW username/password. Can anybody confirm that this is actually working. Is it not supposed to work until May or???

BART and Bikes

We have a coworker who rides BART from Pittsburg/Antioch to MacArthur BART. He'd like to ride from there to work. Will BART allow regular bikes?