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i was just looking at the main page and the stuff about winners.

it's the last week, so folks are setting their eyes on the prize, nothing like some healthy competition. my question: are the winners judged by size of company within a county or will there be JUST one winner for all sized companies within the county?

it doesn't make sense to me that a company with say, 30 teams, would be judged the same as a small company with just 4 or 5 teams... there is no way a small or medium company could realistically beat a company with 30 teams. accordingly, the winners per county will be large companies only? maybe i misread the website, or misunderstood it...

please clarify if you know the answer. thanks. two wheels...

Problem getting 5 days a week medal

I biked to work every day last week, and posted all those rides. But for some reason, my 5 days medal isn't showing up. Can someone help?
Joel Gerwein

Andrew Casteel —

If you're driving on Stanley Boulevard today, keep an eye out for cyclist Jim Ott. The Pleasanton resident and school board trustee is pedaling the seven miles to and from his workplace in Livermore to support the efforts of his Be the Change Cyclists team.

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Bike to Work Day 2010 Rolls Through Oakland

Andrew Casteel —

May 13 dawned cool and overcast. But the sun shone from the smiles of the enthusiastic greeters at energizer stations set up for the Bay Area’s 16th annual Bike to Work Day. Cyclists received cheers, goodie bags and snacks to encourage them on their ride. Oakland rode: to school or to work, carrying children in child-seats or dogs in front baskets, bike bags loaded up for the day ahead. The streets were filled with the happy sounds of whirring chains and tinkling bells.

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Andrew Casteel —

The earliest participants in the Bay Area's Bike to Work Day have already begun to pedal to their classrooms and workplaces here in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley and throughout the Bay Area.

Energizing stations have been set up with refreshments, gift bags and a little encouragement for their efforts.

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