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Remove/.Swap Rider

Hi, I'm the team captain, and one of the invitees has now declined - can I add a new rider to replace him? I sent the new rider the secret word, but I'm wondering if the other rider (who never accepted the invite) is removed, or if I'm at my limit.

Medals not working correctly.

I logged one ride today and received the all around medal. I thought you were supposed to get that after 3 different ride types?

My medals have not been reset from last year and I did not get any distance miles after logging 20+miles today. I really hope the medals get reset because this would give a massively unfair advantage to new comers.


Team Bike Challenge Officially Kicks Off for 2011

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May is National Bike Month- So join a team and win some prizes.

Bike to Work’s Team Bike Challenge officially kicks off on May 1st, 2011, and registration is now open. Gather your friends, neighbors, and coworkers and pedal to win. It’s a fun and easy way to see just how much biking does for your health, budget, and the environment.

Here is how it works: form a team of 2-5 people and sign up at Earn points for each bike ride you take and your total daily mileage. Record your information via the website. Compete with your friends through the personalized Facebook Friends Leader board. You can also earn bonus points for completing various medal challenges, such as biking enough miles to burn a total pizza’s worth of calories. At the end of the month, the team with the most amounts of points wins.

Every member of a top scoring team from each county will receive a bike prize valued over $50. The top scoring team in the Bay Area receives a bike prize valued over $1,000.

The biking doesn’t have to stop when the Team Bike Challenge ends on May 31st arrives. You can still compete as an individual all year round by logging in your miles on the website. Track your total bike commuting benefits, including miles biked, calories burned, gas money saved, and pollution prevented. Bike your way to the top of the leader boards! Every month we will have a new leader board, so you can compete to be the top commuter each month.

If your business is too big to fit onto one team, then join the Company Bike Challenge. Compete for top honors against similar sized companies.

So log on to, register, and join the fun. Happy biking!

A special thanks to this year’s regional sponsors for Bike to Work Day:, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Kaiser Permanente, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Beyond Pix Studios, Clif Bar, REI, Adobe, and Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.
For more information on Bike to Work Day, please visit or

Definition of Novice

Has the definition of the Novice changed recently? I just went back to look at the rules today and it only state that the person is new to the TBC. Has the rule where the person is a new or infrequent rider who uses their bike two times or less per month been removed?


novice rider?

Over the past months I have dusted my bike off from ten years of dust, bought a new seat, road tires and got a tune-up. I did all this in an effort to prepare for the bicycle challenge which is a serious event at my new company. My 90 day new hire probation period ends May 1st. I have ridden my bike a several times over the course of the last month in an effort to efficiently coordinate Bart schedule and my wake-up time. Just now, reading your rules I believe that I qualify as a novice rider since I have not ridden my bike even once in the ten years prior to this wake up call. I have ridden my bike this last month more than three times though.