Alameda County

Why is the button missing to post a new ride?

It was there on Friday, but it disappeared this weekend.

plz increase speed of the ride posting system

Hi, what would it take to increase the speed of your website? It's painfully slow from one page to another. Takes something like a quarter to half minute to post each of my rides and at least 15-20 seconds to go from page to page. I have friends who might be able to help you....

Plz develop saveable Ride Templates

I'd like to see the ease with which one can enter their most typical rides as templates that can be selected after each such ride. For instance, my commute to work rarely wavers, so it would be helpful for me to, upon arriving at work and clicking "Create a new Ride," have one of the options be "Repeat a Past Ride." Then, I could choose one of my past rides that I've chosed to save as a template, e.g., Commute, Safeway, etc.

Remove/.Swap Rider

Hi, I'm the team captain, and one of the invitees has now declined - can I add a new rider to replace him? I sent the new rider the secret word, but I'm wondering if the other rider (who never accepted the invite) is removed, or if I'm at my limit.

Medals not working correctly.

I logged one ride today and received the all around medal. I thought you were supposed to get that after 3 different ride types?

My medals have not been reset from last year and I did not get any distance miles after logging 20+miles today. I really hope the medals get reset because this would give a massively unfair advantage to new comers.