Nominate a Bike Commuter of the Year

Mai Le —

Bike to Work Day Celebrates Bicycle Commuter Role Models!

Nominations are now open! Do you know someone in your community who is committed to making every day a "Bike to Work Day"? Does this person epitomize and actualize the health, environmental, social and economic benefits of bicycling? Please share his or her story with us!

The winners of the Bike Commuter of the Year (BCOY) award are recognized for their dedication to riding their bike for everyday transportation. They are testament to the many benefits of bicycle commuting: from improving their health to bringing families together. Nominations were accepted, evaluated and
awarded by each county’s Bike to Work Day representative.

Rules for Submitting

All entries must include the nominee's Name, Email, County, and a brief write-up (200 words or less) on why they deserve the Bike Commuter of the Year Award. All nomination entries must be submitted by April 23.

Past Winners include a fifth grader and a person that has a personal commitment to 'de-carbonize' the economy. Make sure that the dedicated bike commuter in your life gets the recognition they deserve.

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Sponsor Bike to Work Day 2012

Mai Le — Are you interested in green transportation? Do you frequently bike to work and wonder how you can get your employer involved? Have them contact me (maile {at} this url) and we can discuss ways they can show prospective and current employees that they support healthy living and green transportation. March 1st, 2012 is the deadline to get on posters.

Bike to Work Day Raffle Winners

Photo by
Ami Sampat —

Without further ado, the winners of the Bike to Work Day raffle are:

Scott Johnson from San Jose (Santa Clara County) has won the PUBLIC Commuter Bike.

Kelsey Jorgensen from San Francisco (San Francisco County) has won a bike tour courtesy of Grimes Getaways.

A very big congratulations to them!

Team Bike Challenge Winners Announced

Here is the complete list of winners for 2011's Team Bike Challenge. Congratulations to all! 

Top Overall Team

Sangamo Cyclers
508 points / 2,901.2 miles
Sangamo BioSciences
Alameda County

Alameda County

Sangamo Cyclers
508 points / 2,901.2 miles
Sangamo BioSciences
Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Hydrologic Cyclers
276 points / 2,083.4 miles
East Bay Municipal District

Marin County

Carbon Cyclers
344 points/ 2, 223.2 miles
Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

Napa County

330 points / 2, 239.2 miles
Avia Hotel

San Francisco County

397 points / 4, 690.1 miles

San Mateo County

317 points / 2, 293.4 miles

Santa Clara County

Team Endurance
500 points / 2, 876.4 miles
Tesla Motors Inc

Solano County

Vaca 5
266 points / 1,211.2 miles
City of Vacaville

Sonoma County

Water Agency Wheelers
373 points / 2, 506.7 miles
Sonoma County Water Agency

Ami Sampat —

Although National Bike Month is still underway and all bike riders are encouraged to keep on riding, the official Bike to Work Day for the Bay Area has ended in celebration and cheers. Energizer stations were booming with activity, many Bay Area residents were taking to the streets on their bicycles, and Mother Nature delivered us a picture perfect riding day in most regions of the area. 

Please enjoy this video by the Mark Jones, MTC TV. Bike to Work Day 2011 is presented by,  Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Kaiser Permanente. The 2011 regional sponsors also include Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Beyond Pix Studios, Clif Bar, REI, Adobe, and the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.


Note: Please note the video mentions a 25% increase in traffic. This is website traffic for Thank you.