Peter Chang biked 2,055 miles during Team Bike Challenge 2012
Mai Le —

As part of a series highlighting riders that biked an incredible amount of miles during Team Bike Challenge and National Bike Month, we are publishing a series of questions and answers from top riders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Peter Chang biked a mind blowing 2,055 miles during the month of May earning him the first place slot in miles biked in SF County. Working as an engineer at Google, he is active in SF2G. Team mate Scott Crosby writes: “We also have a verb we use around these parts, always in the past-participle: "Chang'd." it means to be crushed and dropped on a group ride.” 

During the month, Chang managed to burn 88,367 calories and rack up an impressive 92 points. This is the second year he’s participated in Team Bike Challenge; his team,, (not surprisingly) took third place in regional with an unheard of 5,490.1 miles traversed and first place in San Francisco.

What type of bike do you ride?

Mostly a road bike for commuting, I mostly rode the geared one this year, but did a couple fixed rides to mix it up. [Team Mate Scott Crosby adds: “To add some color, he rides a custom Seven titanium track bike (fixed gear) and a Ritte Van Vlaanderen carbon road bike."]

Did you bike every day?

Yes. Although there was that day without three points because I can't add so well.

Do you have a fitness/cycling motto?

Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius.

What do you attribute your success in the Challenge to?

How did you keep up your motivation this month?

Knowing that would be there for me next month.

What is the best thing about being #1 in your county?

Basking in the glow of the westerly winds and chilly, morning fog?


Thank you Peter and congratulations for an impressive feat of miles. See you (passing me) in the bike lane.

Team Bike Challenge Encourages Month Long Cycling

Mai Le —

[Press Release 06.06.12] - May 31st marked the last day to log miles for Bike to Work Day’s Team Bike Challenge and Company Bike Challenge. The month long challenge had Bay Area bike commuters logging road miles throughout May.

The Challenge broke participant records with 4,425 individuals registered (compared to 2,800 in 2011) on 664 teams and an additional 245 companies participating in Company Bike Challenge. A total of 701,710 miles were biked, more than doubling the distance of 2011’s 316,359 miles. The distance ridden was enough miles to circle the world 28.2 times while saving 351 tons of CO2 and burning 43,155,179 calories.

Winners came from every walk of life, representing the wide range of bicycling enthusiasts in the Bay Area. Taking first place in the regional contest, Santa Clara County’s KTCC1 won with 399 points and 4,461.5 miles. Following close behind, San Mateo County’s Honey Badgers racked up 395 points; while bronze place went to San Francisco’s with 375 points.

Company Bike Challenge’s competition ran extremely hot this year with Apple unbelievably taking the top slot with 38,222.7 miles and 4,803 points, followed by KLA-Tencor, whose awe-inspiring 27,542.1 miles and 2,745 points put them in second place, and Tesla Motors impressively took third with 21,969.9 miles and 2,632 points.

Team Bike Challenge's success was bolstered by Chipotle's support. "Chipotle is committed to sustainability, serving ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers. We look for ways to support our customers' healthy living choices, so it was a natural fit to get involved with Team Bike Challenge and Bike to Work Day. As the presenting sponsor of TBC, we've encouraged people to leave their cars at home, and have encouraged and rewarded participants with prizes and Chipotle meals to fuel their biking throughout the month," says Marketing Specialist, Erica Cheung.

Team Bike Challenge, a program of Bike to Work Day is made possible through the generous support of:, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Kaiser Permanente. Chipotle and BikeMS have provided additional support for team bike challenge with prizes provided by Chipotle, Peak Racks, and REI.

For information visit,,, and

Please fill out the 2012 Bike to Work Day Survey

Bike to Work Day Golden Gate Bridge 2012
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Please take 10 minutes to fill out the Bike to Work Day 2012 Survey. We take your feedback seriously and are interested in improving the largest bicycling encouragement event in California. Thank you!

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Bike to Work Day in the San Francisco Bay Area has seen an increase in bicycle traffic on Bike to Work Day this year by 23%. The increase of interest in bike commuting and active transportation in the Bay Area is evident in the numbers of riders on this sunny spring day.

Energizer Stations in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Napa counties were ready with coffee, reusable canvas bags and staffed with encouraging volunteers were bustling with bike commuters in the early morning hours. Bike riders and key elected officials, including a record number of East Bay Mayors headed to work on bicycles. Mayors Quan (Oakland) and Bates (Berkeley), Mayor Gayle McCaughlin (Richmond), Mayor Farid Javendal (Albany), Mayor John Chiang (Piedmont), Mayor Jennifer West (Emeryville), Mayor Stephen Cassidy (San Leandro), Mayor Mark Green (Union City), and Mayor Tim Sbranti (Dublin) all rode this morning. In San Francisco, MTC Commissioners David Campos and Scott Weiner joined nine of their colleagues on the Board of Supervisors in bicycling to the San Francisco Civic Center.

Echoing the sentiments of riders across the Bay Area, Dr. Todd Weizenberg, Director of Sports Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa said, "Exercise is the prescription to a better life. Exercise on a regular basis can increase your mood, allow you to sleep better, improve your memory and concentration and decrease the chances of developing a chronic disease. Essentially, if you exercise more, and cycling is a great way to do it, you will live longer and have a better quality of life."

Other National Bike Month programs are receiving attention, including Bike Commuter of the Year (BCOY) awards. A person in each of the nine Bay Area counties is recognized for their dedication to riding their bike for everyday transportation. They are a testament to the benefits of bicycle commuting: from improving their health to bringing families together. Nominations were accepted, evaluated and awarded by each county’s Bike to Work Day representative. The 2012 winners of the Bike Commuter of the Year award include: Kara Vuicich of Alameda County, a mom that transports her kids to school by bike; Curtis Corlew of Contra Costa, a college professor known by his bike; Terry Seaton of Marin County, an avid cyclist with her dog Lucy as her co-pilot; Dolores Chrisco of Napa County, an every day bike commuter that doesn’t shy away from inclement weather; Selena Kyle of San Francisco County, a lawyer that promotes everyday biking; Paul Mernyk of San Mateo County, an everyman bicyclist that inspires others with his enthusiasm; Ian Emmons of Santa Clara County lives a fun, car-free lifestyle; Tom Crowl of Solano County, enjoys saving money at the pumps, one ride at a time; and Pauli Frey of Sonoma County, a friendly cyclist that logs over 200 miles a week.

Team Bike Challenge, presented by Chipotle, a friendly competition to increase bicycling mileage throughout the month has seen an increase of over 25% participation and a 30% increase of actual mileage biked from 2011.

The success of Bike to Work Day 2012 and its associated programs bodes well for the rest of National Bike Month in May and makes the wait for next year’s Bike to Work Day seem even further away than Thursday May 9, 2013.

Bike to Work Day 2012 is presented by, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Kaiser Permanente, with additional support from Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Beyond Pix Studios, Clif Bar, Chipotle, Adobe, Typekit, REI, and Bike MS.

For more information on Bike to Work Day or Team Bike Challenge, please visit or

2012 Bike Commuter of the Year Winners

The Bike Commuter of the Year (BCOY) award recipients are recognized for their dedication to riding their bike for everyday transportation. They are a testament to the many benefits of bicycle commuting: from improving their health to bringing families together. Nominations were accepted, evaluated and awarded by each county’s Bike to Work Day representative. Here are the 2012 winners of the Bike Commuter of the Year Award. Many of the Awards will be presented at an event on Bike to Work Day. Check your local Bicycle Coalition for after work events.

Congratulations to all the Bike Commuter of the Year winners!

Bike Commuters of the Year by County

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Marin County

Napa County

San Francisco County

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County

Solano County

Sonoma County

Alameda County : Kara Vuicich

Obstacles like rain or transporting children might cause others to hang up their helmets and reach for their car keys, but transportation planner Kara Vuicich of Albany keeps on pedaling. When it pours, she dons her raincoat, rain pants, and waterproof boots and bicycles as usual to ride to the BART, says David Radwin, Kara's husband. Her whole family gets into the act. She takes her three children to school and other activities on the back of her extra-long bicycle and bicycles to the grocery store and for other errands. Even being pregnant was no deterrent—a few years ago she bicycled until the very last day before starting her maternity leave. In her work, she promotes bicycling and other alternative transportation modes including walking, transit, and carpooling. She works with public agencies and private organizations to make these alternative modes faster, safer, efficient, and more pleasant. Day in and day out, Kara proves that there is no excuse not to take your bicycle.  


Contra Costa County : Curtis Corlew

12 years ago, after becoming huge, Curtis got back on his road bike to join his wife their respective commutes to work. After 12 years of bike commuting, using a car to get to work is a very rare occasion. Curtis teaches Graphic Design at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, where everyone knows him by his bicycle and ask him for advice on purchasing a commuter bike, bike routes, and bicycle trips. Bike commuting morphed into vacation cycling: he and his wife cycled Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho Montana and Wyoming last summer. Curtis's life has changed for the better because he started riding his bike to work. 


Marin County : Terry Seaton

Terry leaves her home at 4:30AM, layers on, helmet and light, and bikes to work. She is active in getting others to bike to work too. Cycling to work is a daily activity, not just a yearly event. She has a car, but who would know it! Terry departs from West Corte Madera and makes her way on bike paths and well lit roads to Kaiser in Terra Linda where she works. Terry has taken action to keep herself safe by attending MCBC’s Basic Bike Skills class, wearing her helmet at all times, and sports an orange safety vest for visibility by motorists. When she’s not commuting to work, look for Terry bicycling through the towns in Marin with her dog Lucy, who happily rides in the back basket.


Napa County Napa County : Dolores Chrisco

Rain or shine, day shift or evening, Dolores Chrisco rides her bike to work, a 15 mile round trip. Though she faces high winds, torrential rains, heat waves and distracted motorists, Dolores has made a long-term commitment to save energy and to "Go Green." She doesn't have a fancy bike and isn't an overt advocate for cycling. She knows the benefits to her health, the health of our community and acts independently. Dolores is a welcome role model who encourages others when they enquire and has helped to bring on additional commuters simply by her actions. 


San Francisco County : Selena Kyle

As a lawyer at a nonprofit environmental firm, Selena often has to carry boxes of paperwork for her job, but that never stops her. Selena commutes every day to work regardless of weather, inspiring others by being a safe, courteous rider. Selena is a true bicycle ambassador! 


San Mateo County : Paul Mernyk

For the past three consecutive years, Paul Mernyk has been cycling to work. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, Paul rides to work in rain, wind or shine and he does this every single day of the year. Paul is the everyman bicycle enthusiast. He rides his bike to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, travels by train to the Hillsdale Station, then cycles the rest of the way to work. On the way home, he cycles the entire 15 miles from Foster City to Palo Alto Paul is helping to lead the first ever Bike to Work Day at Rearden Commerce and will help map routes, conduct a Bike Safety Clinic and get the rest of the company excited about bicycling. Paul may not be the “overachiever” cycling champion; he’s the “everyman” bicycle enthusiast.  He’s humbly doing his part to consistently help the planet and inspire his fellow co-workers and community. "


Santa Clara County : Ian Emmons

Ian Emmons commutes exclusively by bicycle. Rain or shine, he always makes his ten-mile round-trip commute by bike. In addition, he embraces the car-free lifestyle by using pedal power to get around no matter what his errands require. “There’s a ton of great reasons to ride a bike but mine are pretty selfish,” says Ian. “I ride first and foremost for fun, followed by all the money we save by only having one car. After that, the health benefits are pretty awesome. Anything else is just gravy.” Ian is also active in many bicycling-related causes. He repairs bicycles at the SVBC Bicycle Exchange and is a volunteer with San José Bike Party, where he inspires non-riders to get off the couch and ride and helps educate new riders in navigating the roads safely and legally. He believes “The best way to encourage cycling is to show people how fun and safe it can be.” Ian has also led teams in building bikes at the annual Turning Wheels for Kids event, and he's recruited volunteers for numerous other bicycling-related charity events.  


Solano County : Tom Crowl

Tom works at Genentech in Vacaville and rides his bike just about every day to and from work. The only days he does not ride is when there is torrential rain. He uses his bike on errands and will ride to and from home for lunch. Tom is fortunate that he lives close by Genentech. He has logged over 93,000 miles on his bike since 1987 and logs around 2500 miles every year. Tom says biking has saved him at least one new car and over 3000 gallons of gasoline in the past 25 years. While he does not ride an extreme distance to and from work, his consistency is impressive.


Sonoma County : Pauli Frey

Pauli Frey is committed to biking not only to work, but everywhere he goes – regardless of the weather! He has not owned a car for about 15 years. Pauli commutes from Sebastopol to Petaluma to work with kids with learning disabilities THEN commutes from Petaluma to Northwest Santa Rosa to work in a bike shop before going home to Sebastopol, easily logging 220 commute miles a week. Pauli is that friendly cyclist that you see on the streets and paths that will wave to you every day even if you pretend to ignore him. He will stop to make sure you have everything you need if your bike is broken down even if he's running late. Pauli puts his heart into cycling and encourages everyone he meets to get on a bike and ride. For several years, Pauli has organized and motivated a team for Team Bike Challenge. Commutes every day to work regardless of the weather, logging 220 miles a week on the commute alone!  In addition Pauli spends one morning a week running a Bike Club at a small school for at-risk teens with disabilities, teaching  basic bicycle care & maintenance along with the environmental and  health benefits of riding. He also donated bike so the teens could build them up. Beyond commuting, Pauli is an avid recreational rider, and mentors Isaiah, an 11 year-old member of the Team Swift race development team.


Past BCOY Winners


2011 Bike Commuter of the Year Winners

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