The Bike Is the Star at This Cafe

Photo inside the Actual Cafe in Oakland, CA.
Andrew Casteel —

Bike culture in the Bay Area may have found its Algonquin. At the Actual Cafe in Oakland, which opened last week on San Pablo Avenue, people can ride their bikes into the cafe and hook them to the wall, the way they might have hitched their horses a century ago. The rail enclosing the bikes even looks like a hitching post. Bicycle protection, without locks or chains. A whole new way of doing business and attracting business, all at one. And it isn’t just about the bike. The rider is treated like royalty here - which is just the way it should be, its patrons believe.

Winter Biking: It's easier than you think

Andrew Casteel —

Winter bike commute tips from a cyclist in Boulder, Colorado. He explains that when you have the right gear and know the best ways to ride in cold wet conditions it isn’t as difficult as it seems. You will even be prepared to bike in the snow for that once in 10-year occasion!

Get Ready for Bike to Work Day 2009

Eric Constantinides —

To celebrate National Bike Month, the San Francisco Bay Area will celebrate the 15th annual Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 14. Bike to Work Day is a grand celebration that promotes bicycling as a healthy, fun, economical and viable form of transportation. Visit the bicycling page at for more information on how you can prepare for this year's event. Important Dates to Remember March 16th – Bike Commuter of the Year Award Nominations Open April 1st – Team Bike Challenge registration begins May 14th – Bike to Work Day