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The Team Bart Challenge is back for its second year in a row. Do you love to ride your bike to BART?  Want to win a $50 BART ticket?

Form a team with other cyclists who ride to your BART station in the Bike to Work Month Team Bike Challenge and you could win a $50 BART ticket.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Put together a team of 2-5 cyclists from your BART station.
  2. Go online and join the Team Bike Challenge.
  3. Create your team and start the team name with “BART (station)”
  • Examples:
  • BART 16th Street Rollers
  • BART Pleasant Hill Pedalers.

At the end of the Team Bike Challenge, every member of a BART team will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win one of fifty $50 BART tickets.

The 2010 Team Bike Challenge is brought to you by and Kaiser Permanente.
It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s easy and it’s free! Bike to BART…and you’re there.

Andrew Casteel —

We've received some great feedback from our users and we've made some major improvements to the iBikeChallenge App which you can download today!

What's New in Version 3.0.1
- You can now login to the Team Bike Challenge with either your email & password or your username & password
- You can now tap any unlocked medal to display details about how that medal was earned
- New & improved UI for Record, Leaderboard, Medals, Settings tabs
- Fixed a bug in which the app could crash upon checking Leaderboards or Medals with a new user that had joined a team but hadn't submitted a ride yet
- Fixed a bug in which "Loading" wouldn't show / hide properly * fixed various login bugs

We're constantly working to improve the iBikeChallenge and we need your feedback so please send us your ideas.

Check Out the New Commuting by Bicycle Section

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Bicycle commute tips, bike maintenance, rules of the road, bicycle accessories and other info to get you on your way to commuting by bike.

New iPhone app helps bicycle riders take challenge

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If the monthly Critical Mass attracts the let’s-save-the-world-by-taking-a-crazy-party-to-the-streets kind of bicyclist, then the annual Team Bike Challenge attracts the let’s-save-the-world-by-kicking-another-team’s-butt type of bicyclist. And the latter just got a new toy. The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition unveiled a new iPhone app meant to draw even more people to its annual Team Bike Challenge.

Get Your Ride Ready for Bike to Work Day

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So you took a close look at the kind of spider that was weaving its web between the spokes of your bicycle's back wheel. Now you are wondering how much you would have to do to make the dusty bike ready to ride for Bike to Work Day, Thursday May 13. The answer is that probably just a little attention will get your two-wheeler up to speed. Aside from dusting off the cobwebs, I checked in with the professionals, the bike shop mechanics of San Francisco, to ask what their recommendations are for anyone taking their bike out of hibernation.