Andrew Casteel — Members of the Team Bike Challenge get ready to bike to work. Stay posted to see how all 5 teammates get psyched up to hit the road in the morning and what happens when they all show up at work together in the final of this 5 part video sequence!
Andrew Casteel —

Are you ready to make everyday Bike to Work Day? Then sign up for the Team Bike Challenge . Get your team of 2-5 riders together and compete to commute by bike as often as possible through the month of May. Get the most points in your county to win prizes for everyone on your team.  Sign up at today!

Berkeley - Urban Assault Ride Scavenger Hunt

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The Urban Assault Ride™ is a truly unique cycling event and quickly becoming one of the biggest in country! Here's how it works: You and your teammate will set out on a quest around Berkeley for 'checkpoints' on your favorite two-wheeled steeds. At each checkpoint, you'll drop your bikes and complete a funky/adventurous obstacle course guided by EBBC volunteers, then remount your bikes and hit the streets for more. The goal is to complete all the checkpoints in the shortest amount of time. You choose your own route and checkpoint order. This means that the most clever are often the victors. Of course, it may also help if you can pull a mean big-wheel powerslide and fly across an inflatable slip-n-slide. Benefiting: East Bay Bicycle Coalition and Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay.

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Bike to Work Day Goes Fair Trade

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Thursday, May 13th is Bike to Work Day in San Francisco and all seventeen morning energizer stations will be serving Fair Trade Certified coffee. Join commuters old and new in making a statement about the importance of cycling and raise a cup for the world’s farmers. Stop by one of the 17 morning energizer stations and load up on Fair Trade Certified coffee, healthy snacks and even a convenient tote bag for future commutes.

New Team Bike Challenge Rules for 2010

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Team Bike Challenge Sign-ups open soon.  Time to get ready by learning about the new rules in place for Team Bike Challenge 2010

There are several ways to earn points now

     Earn points for each day you record at least one bike commute trip based on your rider type
           3 points - Novices and Big Wheels
           2 points - Veteran Cyclists and Weekend Warriors
           1 points - Expert Cyclists

     Earn additional points based on your total daily miles biked
           1 point – 0 to 5 miles
           2 points – 5 to 15 miles
           3 points – 15 to 30 miles
           4 points – 30+ miles

     Earn additional points for completing medal challenges

To ensure that the rankings stay up to date throughout the month, bike trips taken in the first 24 days of May must be submitted within 7 days of the date of the trip to count for the competition.  Bike trips taken in the final 7 days of May must be submitted by 11:59pm June 1st, 2010 to count for the competition

Read the Full Team Bike Challenge Rules Here