Watch the First Team Bike Challenge Video Diary - Share Your Team's Story for a Chance to Win a Free Bike to Work Day T-shirt

Our first Team Bike Challenge Video Diary is about the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC )team Cal North Crew and the shared bicycle that brought them all together as a team. We'd like to thank Karin Betts at MTC for filming this first diary for us.  We'll be posting a new video diary each week and sharing other diaries sent to us by Team BIke Challenge teams throughout the region. Share your Team Bike Challenge video diary with us for a chance to win a free t-shirt. See below for more info.



Team Bike Challenge is underway! We have recruited several teams to film their own stories about biking and being on a team, and their videos will be posted here each week. Check back on Mondays to see what is new.

We also are interested in your video diaries of your experience biking to work and being on a team. Break out your video cameras to capture the excitement, fun and joy of biking. We will choose the best video each week throughout May, and post it here. Tell us your stories, and help encourage others to get out on their bikes! If we post your video, you will receive a free 2010 Bike to Work Day T-shirt. Posted videos become the property of MTC, and may be edited into other pieces promoting bicycling.

To submit your video to the contest, post it to youtube or another video share site and send us the link using this form. Make sure to title it Team Bike Challenge Video. Please identify the name of your team, and the names of people in the video. We will choose the winning video based on image quality, interesting content and picture/video composition. You may submit multiple entries and they are due by 5pm each Friday throughout May. Videos should be under 5 minutes in length, and not include any offensive language or behavior. And be safe! Don't ride your bike and try to record video or take pictures at the same time.

During the second week of Team Bike Challenge, we asked the teams we are following these questions.  Send us your video responses to them by 5pm Friday May 14th for your chance to win a free t-shirt.

  1. What do you like the most about biking to work?
  2. How much have you been riding your bike since Team Bike Challenge started?
  3. How does biking to work make you feel?
  4. Have you used your bike for other trips than your commute, like shopping or entertainment?

I [bike] Oakland 2010 Bikeways Map

Andrew Casteel —

May is Bike Month, and the Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program is pleased to roll out the first-ever free map of Oakland bikeways. With an initial print run numbering over 10,000, we’ll be distributing the map at bike shops throughout Oakland and in grab bags on Bike to Work Day, this Thursday, May 13th. Come see us Thursday morning at Oakland City Hall Plaza, grab a stack of pancakes, and pick up your own copy of the map. Learn more about this year’s Bike to Work Day festivities here and download a pdf version of the map from this page.

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Green Feature - Bike to Work

Andrew Casteel —

San Francisco has been greening up its act quite a bit lately. There are many opportunities to promote a sustainable and greener you. The Green initiative nods at supporting local and organic farmers, eco-friendly choices and healthy, supportive environments. You’d probably get a double nod if you mentioned biking. For some, the idea of hopping on a bike and riding down the streets of San Francisco is fantastic.

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Alameda bike group gets bridge lane for a day

Andrew Casteel —

As part of National Bike to Work Week, the local cycling group Bike Alameda has worked with local officials so that one traffic lane on the Fruitvale Miller-Sweeney Bridge will be reserved for riders on Thursday Bike to Work Day, during peak commuting hours. In addition, bikers can take advantage of free tuneups, refreshments, valet parking, discounts on movie tickets, cocktails and other treats around the Island as part of Bike to Work Week — starting Saturday.

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Bay Area Street Portraits: Terri

Andrew Casteel — Terri Saul paints impossible childhood fantasies on canvas. Inspired by her Choctaw-Chickasaw roots as well as memories of childhood bike rides through the outer edges of Los Angeles, many of Terri’s paintings combine classic Tour de France imagery with the regalia of Native American dancers. And now, her daughter Lydia, too, is taking to the magic and independence of the bicycle.