Take the Two Mile Challenge

Did you know that 40% of all urban travel in the US happens within 2 miles of where people live? Nearly all of that travel is by car! Realizing the great opportunity to help fight climate change, CLIF BAR created a game to see how many car trips could be replaced with a bike instead. It’s called the 2 Mile Challenge.

To highlight a commitment to bike advocacy and that fight against climate change, CLIF BAR is awarding a $25,000 grant to each of three nonprofit organizations helping to lead the charge. Each organization has been assigned to a 2 Mile Challenge team: Red, Gold and Blue. All you have to do is register, pick your team and start pedaling your bike to earn points and move the goodness forward. The winning team will earn its nonprofit an additional $25,000 grant!

Join the ride and take the 2 Mile Challenge!